Travis Scott - TavisStock Astrofest full performance ( with Annotated Timestamps)


AstralWorld - Travis Scott TavisStock

ASTROWorld - Travis Scott - NRG Staduim Houston, TX, USA - 5th November 2021

Introduction depicts the birth of Fire, Prometheus, The Phoenix Resurrecting From The Ashes. Theres a strange introductory synthesizer one should spectrum-analyze the frequencies of.

This is a photo taken day prior to the concert, showing the immense amount of lasers and lighting hardware being set up for T Scott's installation performance ritual

Not sure of the time stamp for the below images


Timestamp & DescriptionScreenshot
2min - searching blue eye
3m 33s - Sound FX of an eagle - the scream of the Phoenix
4min - Apolcalyptic, Volcano, Doom1636264685398 IMG-20211107-173438 1636265568679
4m 30s - Sound FX of a massive Thunderclap
4m 50s - "Point to the Muthafuckin' Sky!"
5m 07s - strange balloon floats up from the main stage or front crowds. Zeppelin-shaped.
6m 50s - Sound FX of an eagle - the scream of the Phoenix
7min - Intensely patterned & bright strobing of visuals. Epileptic
8min - Significance of the mountain silhouette and growing rocks (Bungle Bungle)
10min - Literal Vortex; sickening, dizzying
11min - PURPLE Ultraviolet coloured light theme commences
13m 19s - Back of Trav Scott's sweater - Blue Eye depicted in a painterly, graphic style. Similar to the very first eye depicted in staged visuals with a bullseye & dart.
Red stick figures are reminiscent to those on stop signs & pedestrian crossings
14m50s - camera pans back for a crowd shot, 1st crowd shot showing the crowd not excited or hyped. There's a faint male "stop it! stop it!"
15m33s - SAM arrays being fired depicted inside the mountain staged visuals. Some sort of war.
16m33s - Red eye, extremely disorientating background. Meticulously filtered, super auto-tuned voice.
17m18s - halo of stars at the mouth of the vortex, reminiscent of the Paramount Pictures logo?
17m30s - Trav Scott appears to look confused, unsure, waiting or trying to remember.
17m50s - looks like a code (barcode, QR Code, microchip, map)
18m30s - Audience Tweet: "words can't explain the awesome energy tonight!"

Interior of the LHC? (Large Hadron Collider)

Timestamp & DescriptionScreenshot
19m30s - Stage graphic depicting being on fire & singing. Epileptic probe strobe
20m10s - Top and Edges of the Mountain stage light up in the near dark of the stage, pairs of flickering lights, eye flashing in tandem
20m46s - 2nd crowd shot, definitely hearing some distressed voices from the crowd
21m11s - Trav is livestreamed nodding and smiling while an unseen girl screams (not screaming in an excited, fan-like way)
21m42s - "Fuck You to the Sky!!"
22m25s - depicting Lawnmower Man? Ludivoco Technique?
23m - Face, Cityscape
23m40s - 3rd crowd shot, crowd member in dense crowd with a hand-made placard "Will We Survive?"
24m 40s - asks for "Mike Brown's" help
25m50s - strange shreiking?
26m 27s - Sound FX? "chk-a-chk-ah"
27m10s - Scott's shitting brown and tan stained, painted jeans
27m53s - crowd looks rammed, crushed, stuck
28m20s - "warmin' up? Flexin'? " Getting ready for the Money Shot
28m45s - very auto-tuned / filtered / phased mic input, first camera pan over shot of medical incident in the crowd
30m38s - "Finger to the Sky!"
30m46s - "2 Hands to the Sky"
31m12s - stage visuals depicting colours and patterns; biological sludge, pollution, oil, tar, colour of cigarette packets
31m40s - 2 rappers jump into the front crowd
Timestamp & DescriptionScreenshot
32m20s - Hobbiton, Rabbit Hole, Portal, from day to night, sun to full moon
33min - Sound FX 2x bullet shots, plenty of distressed screams from Audience
33m55s - Looney Tunes - "That's All Folks" burning mountain, burning mouth and tunnels
34m07s - Looks very Hot, what appears to be heatwaves (heat shimmers?) wavering, enamating down the middle of the stage?
34m33s - definite wavy blurry distortion / heat shimmer?
35min - Will We Survive?
35m30s - Scott's Black, Leatherlike Gloves: executioner's gloves?
36min - Hell Caverns, inner hellscapes
36m15s - specific vocals are being precisely sung, specific vocal effects
37m25s - screams and yells of confusion heard?
37m50s - purple ultra-violet saturated stage lighting returns
38m05s - Hyper-psychedelic, pyramideye
38m11s - extremely disorientating
38m48s - all shots of the crowd looking incoherent, blurry, heavily affected
39m15s - definitively disorientating
39m30s - Burning Red Evil Eye
39m53s - Extremely triggering of Epilepsy
41m40s - pyramid constructed with negative space, crowd shot fucked, can't dance?
42min - Specific vocal notes hit, specific vocal FX and Autotune used, another passed out Audience Member
Timestamp & DescriptionScreenshot
42m50s - slow panning overhead crowd shot, looks hellish
44m30s = Blue Butterfly, all crowd shots from inside the audience perspective are shot through tiny, fish-eye lens cameras?
46min - spinning, strobing, panning, flashing
46m40s - Guys on stage, white/grey haired guy at mixing console? 2x Hooded Figures
46m41s - 2x Hooded Figures also wearing face masks?
46m55s - Sound FX another eagle / Phoenix scream?
47m35s - Green; Alien Green, Nuclear Green, Toxic Green, cactus green
48m15s - looked like a snow capped Mount Everest panorama? Again, Paramount Pictures Logo?
49m33s - Scott points and yells into the crowd "Hold on, Hold on"
50m50s "Don't you Open Up That Window"
51min - another fish-eye lens filmed moshpit
51m40s - huge crowd shot - from back view shows 4x Large LCDs in crowd (presumably at the rear of the cordoned off VIP area)
52m25s - 2x hands in the sky. Demonic undervoice or Reverb. "Anything / Everything can happen in Tonight's Show"
53m33s - absolutely, viciously Epileptic
54m26s - Drake comes out, looking like a rogue veteran Deer Hunter, Killer, ex-vietnam vet
59m51s - Drake is wearing a white t-shirt, flowery knight's templar cross on RH shoulder, inverted pentagram shirtScreenshot-2021-11-07-23-27-09 1636263872932
1h33s - Black and White Templar Cross
1hr37s -1hr-37s Screenshot-2021-11-07-23-23-50
1h1m - Extreme Epilepsy
Timestamp & DescriptionScreenshot
1h1m13s - Extreme Disorientation, Washing Machine
1h1m56s - extreme
1h4m32s - (human eye appears)
1hr5m05s - (demonic, demonic possesion)
1h5m45s - (quiet first scream, loud demonic scream at 2-3 seconds after)
Extremely violent, epilepsy-inducing graphics
1h8m33s - Gotthard Tunnel
1h9m - Dark Hand, Invisible Hand "You Read My Mind"
2x Hands, Clairvoyant, Crystal Ball, Scrying
1h11m0s - bow-legged, like trying to keep steady on a boat


I cannot fathom how you'd have a brain in your skull and still manage to enjoy anything that is "trap"... Which to me is just crap in disguise.


who said i enjoyed any of this? It's terrible and must be stopped


It's worse than a trap, i was expecting it to be sorta interesting if it was hypnotic and evil but really it's hypnotic and horrible, ear brain mush making stuff.


I'm slowly editing the screenshots into the timestamps


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