Mainstream Media Slip-Up: Pfizer's Suitability For Children Published Too Early & Self-Censored Before Aussies Realized.


I was walking home after yet another stressful day at work (yeah, the new abnormal days) scrolling through my smart phone angrily when one article published on a Fairfax news site slapped me up the side of the head: Pfizer all good to go for stabbing kids aged 12-15. I couldn't believe it and momentarily lost my focus, closed my tab.

Stalked home with a rabid foam building at the edges of what sanity remained. Inside, I sat down and wiped my mouth to take a drink of water. Did I really read that correctly? Scrolled through browsing history, recently closed tabs and found the original URL alright:

I wasn't hallucinating the headline of PFIZER VACCINE APPROVED FOR CHILDREN AGED 12 to 15 Years by Therapeutic Goods Administration yet when I clicked on the link it did not take me to this article: It redirected to a different article...

What unholy mockery was this? Was I actually losing my mind by starting to hallucinate non-existent headlines??

But it couldn't be - it's clearly the headline in the URL - Paralyzer Pfizer Vaxxstab approved for children aged 12 to 15 years by TGA (23rd July 2021)

There was no mistaking it - a shred of sanity remained.

So if this was the case, why the fuck was the URL redirecting to a different article than the one where the TGA gleefully announced it's approval for despoilment & imperilment of our children's health via intramuscular injections of experimental mRNA gene biotechnology from PFIZER?

Hastily i scraped through my workflow of recovering deleted websites and I found it the original article.

Here it is retained and cached below in all it's pre-emptive poisoning glory:

So did Greg Hunt actually go on Channel 7's Morning TellLieVision show that Friday morning to belatedly announce his approval of Pfizer as a vaxx stabb for Aussie kids? I don't know, maybe someone should find the footage or ask Channel 7 the same query. I would be intrigued to know whether this early morning Sunrise slot announcing TGA approval for kid's clot shot actually occur ed or not.

It get's weirder - when I tried searching the original article headline "PFIZER VACCINE APPROVED FOR CHILDREN AGED 12 to 15 Years by Therapeutic Goods Administration" on Fairfax News' site, it didn't return that article in the search results.

I did however return a result that the same age group of 12- to 15-year old children were approved for Pfizer's #COVID-19 Vaxx Stabb on the 4th June 2021 in the United Kingdom...

Going back to our Chief Health Sinister Greg Hunt & NSW Chief Health Awfulsir's comments regarding #COVID-19 suspectibility in certain age groups:

Oh Really? and what does the most at risk of infection age group of 20-29 years have to fear from #COVID-19?

And what do Vaxx Stabbed young men have to fear from Pfizer?

pfizer-kills Screenshot-20210829-125036

Hot Off The NCIRS (National Centre for Immunisation Research & Safety) Zoom Webinar Presses

A Timeline of Speedy Pfizer Realizer Propaganda & Streamlined Approvals

Big Bad ATAGI finally approves the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaxx Stab Paralyzer for Children on Friday 27th August 2021 - almost exactly a month after the "PFIZER VACCINE APPROVED FOR CHILDREN AGED 12 to 15 Years by Therapeutic Goods Administration" article was published then deleted.

But this ATAGI statement is from 2nd August recommending the Pfizer Vaxx Stab is prioritised for;

Then Big Hunt follows this statement up with his own:

And so it turns out The Greg Hunt Health Sinister DID announce TGA Approval back on the 23rd July 2021...

Strange I didn't read about this in any newspaper at the time! I would have absolutely spat the dummy!

Oh well all's well that ends well...


The Mainstream Media is criminal in this country and extremely manipulative. Thankfully they are employing midwits who cannot properly alter historical URLs or remove cached webpages of their erroneously published articles from being viewable publicly online. I am thankful for this because it has led me to the far larger question: how on earth could they get this all so wrong with the dates? Who told Fairfax to pull it? ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) or the Medical Militia compromising of Chief Health Awfulsirs and Health Sinisters?

I would love to know which government stooge inside of a government whoreganisation is twiddling the strings of their government media mouthpieces with such wanton disregard for fact, information and muh science. It seems criminal to me. Perhaps you could ask the Fairfax Media journalist who originally authored the Pfizer for Kidz (c) articles too?

You Cant Stop Progress !!! You Cant Stop Progress !!! You Cant Stop Progress !!! You Cant Stop Progress !!! You Cant Stop Progress !!! You Cant Stop Progress !!! You Cant Stop Progress !!! You Cant Stop Progress !!! You Cant Stop Government Stabbing Your Children !!!

Bonus Round !!!

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt 'pleased' as Pfizer set to be approved for children aged five to 11. The Health Minister is "confident" Pfizer will be approved for children aged five to 11 as vaccination rates across the country continue to exceed expectations.


Loved it but for the suggestion that a "deadly virus" exists at all. I cringe when I see or hear any of the plot elements in the play They put on for Us and sell as "reality" which suggest that "deadly viruses" even exist. Why?

Because They have never proven contagion. Between Béchamp and the military having hundreds of well People subjected to sick People who coughed, sneezed, and spat into Their mouths, who had the mucus of the sick swabbed into Their nasal passages, and even had the blood and the mucus of the sick injected into Them, with ZERO of the well falling sick, I think contagion can be ruled out.

Colds and the flu are seasonal detoxing of Our systems (thus fluids and rest are the most often recommended approach to dealing with the illness We experience).

Given that They have never isolated or purified a single virus, merely making extrapolations from fragments of stuff They found, computer models made with guesses all around the fragments, and calling it "the virus," I think We can safely say They don't have anything real.

Given that Pasteur admitted in His posthumously published journals that He added toxins to make it appear as if He had proven contagion... And given He likely was working with Rockefeller, who loved the idea of "deadly viruses," glomming onto the idea for its profit potential and fear factor for control, and then selling it as "truth" in His publishing, schools, and media...

I think We can conclude that the whole "out of Wuhan" is a plot element in Their play, maintaining the idea that "deadly viruses" exist, and likely to be used in building up another war, this time with China. If any "gain of function" is being done, it is in the form of nanotech which behaves like Their mythical "deadly virus" does, being in some way "contagious." These are psychopaths who are in control and They surely would not be averse to creating such a thing.

So when the play is being taken as if it is indeed "reality," I feel a burning desire to speak up and hopefully get awareness of the colossal scam being perpetrated on Humanity out there. And I admit... I am hoping these facts are communicated, rather than the fearmongering presented in the play the psychopaths in control on Our planet are keeping Us entrained on.


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