Adolf Hitler - The Archetype of an Intergenerational Meme


A Tyrant of the Tirades. And a Mesmerist.
An Avatar regularly resurrected for memetic fashwave fantasies.
Disaffected youth are yearning for an avuncular Fuhrer figure (Uncle Adolf).
As long as there's scope for Hitler to embody vague yet violent answers in response to today's countless insults and injustices, he shall continue to mesmerize and manipulate many generations to come.
Like any true Archetype: the present strives for It's resurrection.
But in the past, he wasn't anywhere close to a Fashwave Meme. History retells us a dream because Adolf wasn't what he seemed.

My last article listed a dozen books that I'm reading. How I came to be aware of one of these books - HITLER - A Chronology of His Life & Time (2nd Revised Edition), was totally unexpected and shocked me.

The context around discovering HITLER's chronology is a rather poignant epigram for Hitler's entrenchment as a memetic mainstay. For almost two decades a global clique of young men congregated (or rather wallowed) here, in this stinky ocean of piss.
And Hitler? Well, he continues loitering in the very same lonely depths online too, tossed by the tidal currents of endless oceans of piss.

Adding anything of yourself to such an environment is literally like pissing into an ocean of piss and it's become unbearable of late. Blatantly so.

My forays (once habitual & addicting) into such piss had me questioning wastes of time, attention, focus and emotion. The once anarchic, toxic, imaginative, edgy, awful, unexpected, shocking and scintillating 4chan imageboard is being slowly crushed by an invisible hand with hidden motives.

Sometimes I kid myself into feeling that I'm having fun. Although that only happens when I'm on a nostaglia buzz after downing some booze then drunk-posting. Then you sober up and vow to leave this hellhole once and for all. But then an occasional flash of old-fag / anonymous excitement or a rare 'drop' (a.k.a "HAPPENING") lures oldfags like me back to shitty seas of stinky piss posts again and again (despite asking myself "is this Cognitive Warfare in full effect?")


Anyway, this thread popped up a few days ago and I clicked on it. It's subject addressed an obscure internet phenomena:"BAMBI SLEEP" Hypno Porn. The hypno porn and BAMBI SLEEP series in particular was recently reintroduced onto the board and it's semi-regular appearance caught my attention.

It's a topic I'm aware of and still remember it's sudden appearance, then rapid proliferation across imageboards (8chan had it's own very popular /hypno/ board), patreon, youtube and other social media sites.
This would have been around 2017, with Hypno & Sissy Hypno's grotesque reaching peak popularity around mid-2019. When was shutdown after the livestreamed Christchurch Muslim mosque shooting by retarded Australian shitlord "Brenton Tarrant," the Sissy Hypno popularity diminished as it crawled back into lesser known crevices.

I still harbour suspicions that Brenton was "HYPNOED" or similarly groomed online in some other deceptive manner prior to his mass shooting.


I saw the screenshot from Notes from HITLER - A Chronology of His Life & Time, outlining Hitler's experimental Hypnosis treatment, when browsing images uploaded to this thread.
All of the images appear pretty out there, especially several other screenshots of what looks to be centuries old hypnotism or Mesmerism texts.

Bear in mind that this thread was deleted by Janitors / Moderators 40 minutes after being originally posted after it nearly slid off page 10.
In the last five minutes (after I bumped the thread back to the front page), there was a flurry of interesting posts - including some using specific BAMBI SLEEP triggers & scenarios before deletion and deletion is what made me go back into the archives to dig further. Thanks Janitors!

All images from thread have been uploaded below for Posterity's sake. Captions & links where available.

Youtuber "Physics Girl" and the Devastating Effects of Long Covid - Twitter - July 1st 2023

After These People Tried Erotic Hypnosis, They Couldn’t Recognize Themselves - BuzzFeed News - April 19th, 2023

Special Research - CIA Bluebird
Project MKULTRA, The CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification. Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources. UNITED STATES SENATE - NINETY-FIFTH CONGRESS - FIRST SESSION - AUGUST 3rd, 1977

This looks like to me a combination of Siege, AtomWaffen, Bambi, French Maid Anime Waifu and HypnoTranny MurderSlut. not gonna lie - i'm disturbed.


Yeah.... nah....

No idea to what extent the info in the above infograph is factual. Would make a decent investigative project.

Neurypnology; the Rationale of Nervous Sleep, Hypnotism, James Braid, 1843 AD
James Braid (1795-1860) NEURYPNOLOGY : HYPNOSIS

Notes from HITLER - A Chronology of His Life & Time

"For Hitler's political self-education, the Viennese years were absolutely crucial. 10 years later, he was to devote 2 chapters to them in Mein Kampf, which together cover 120 pages. "In this period," he writes self-confidently, "there took shape within me a world picture and a philosophy which became the granite foundation of all my acts. In addition to what I then created, I have had to learn little; and have had to alter nothing." (Mein Kampf, p. 21), (p. 8)

25th September, 1915
"By an incredible stroke of luck Hitler escapes certain death. "I was eathing my dinner in a trench with several comrades," Hitler later recalled. "Suddenly a voice seemed to be saying to me: 'Get up and go over there'... I rose at once to my feet and walked 20 metres along the trench... Hardly had I done so when a flash and deafening sound came from the part of the trench I had just left."
"A stray shell had burst over the group in which I had been sitting and every member of it was killed." Hitler's belief that he had been chosen by Providence for a special Winter mission is further fortified (Toland, p. 87), (p. 13)."

30th September - 17th October 1915
"Hit is finally persuaded by a fellow soldier, Ernst Schmidt, to take a long-deserved leave. They both travel to Dresden, visiting Brussels, Cologne and Leipzig on the way."

9th May, 1918
"Hitler receives a regimental citation for 'Outstanding Bravery.'"

June, 1918
"Hitler allegedly captures four French soldiers single-handed."

4th August, 1918
"Hitler is awarded Iron Cross First Class 'for personal cold-blooded bravery and continuous readiness to sacrifice himself'."

22nd-30th August, 1918
"Hitler goes to Nuremberg on official army business."

13-14th October, 1918
"During a night attack, Hitler is blinded by gas near La Montagne."

21st October, 1918
"Hitler is taken to the Prussian military hospital in Pasewalk, near Stettin (Sczeczin). The following 28 days spent in Pasewalk witnessed a turning point in his life; he underwent a remarkable personality transformation. Hitler is tormented by the fear of remaining blind for the rest of his life, but the chief Psychiatrist, Dr Edmund Forster, who diagnosed him as a 'psychopath with symptoms of hysteria' will try to build up Hitler's lost self-confidence through unorthodox Hypnotherapy."

9th November, 1918
"Hitler is believed to have temporarily recovered his eyesight."

10th November, 1918

"Upon learning that Germany had surrended, Hitler is said to have briefly lost his eyesight again. He witnessed 'the greatest villainy of the century (Mein Kampf, p183).'"
"'They wanted to capitulate. Was such a thing really possible?' He recalled his reaction: 'I could stand it no longer... Again, everything went black before my eyes; I tottered and groped my way back to the dormitory, threw myself on the bunk, and dug my burning head into my blanket and pillow...'
'...And when at length the creeping gas - in the last days of the dreadful struggle - attacked me, too, and began to gnaw at my eyes, and beneath the fear of going blind forever, I nearly lost heart for a moment...'"
author note [While psychopathic hysteria might have been at that particular moment the leading symptom of Hitler's conversion, he still had a very long way to go 'into politics.' The fusion of anti-Semitism with hatred of Marxism into a 'Judeo-Bolshevik' enemy was yet to come.]

10th-13th November, 118
Hitler is subjected to intensive hypnotic treatment by Dr Forster, who was known to treat the hysterics as scoundrels and fakers, often applying Draconian methods for which he was criticized by colleagues (Binian, Hitler Among Germans: it is difficult to determine to what extent Dr Forster's thorough treatment was responsible for Hitler regaining his eyes and curing him of his psychopathic hysteria. Since Dr Forster's detailed documentation could not be found, having become a ahighly valued prize to both the conservative Reichswehr officers in opposition to Hitler and to Hitler himself, who wanted to destroy the evidence: q.v. Horstmann; Lewis)



"...4chan imageboard is being slowly crushed by an invisible hand with hidden motives."

Scores of hands, IMHO. It's a playground for shills and institutions. I've avoided it since Black Cube came out with GEOTUS memes, and sold the luls to anons, but it still occasionally, as you point out, pops up some relevant OSINT. However, that's spared me the vast majority of the hypno memes, and given that I haven't slept while trying to successfully update my box against the WebP 'sploit, I feel better knowing the hypno Bambi Boomer Sleep racket missed me.



Edit: I knew nothing of Hitler's hypnotherapy until your posts. It's all too fascinating a topic, with illimitable potential rabbit holes I'll leave to you to parse and reveal to we lesser men.


haha @ "feel better knowing the hypno Bambi Boomer Sleep racket missed me."

I hate WebP file format and i'm not familiar with it's exploit? probably leaves a trace or sends a signal if your connected to the internet I guess.

I only found out about Hitler's hypno exposure this week and by golly, it's led me into some fairly misanthropic realizations about the intertwined nature of social sciences, occultism and historiography.

Thank you for your comment


The WebP 'sploit seems to enable elevation of privileges within the sandbox rendering subsystems, and if availed sandbox escape routes, can enable the worst attacks conceivable on systems from root.

Caveat: I am not a coder, nor do I understand what the above verbiage actually means. Sorry!


lol, i'm sure there is a webp exploit for dummies version on youtube!