The 31 Sentence Contest: Round 8

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Welcome. You have stumbled upon a new adventure. One that will challenge you to grow; one that is filled with twists and turns; one that will have your piece swinging like the rhythm of a jazz ensemble that keeps readers and listeners engaged to the very end (or we crash into a wall and die; either way, we'll learn something together).

Over in China, the revered Shanghai Conservatory of Music can’t even believe the principles of jazz are real! That with enough courage and trust in yourself, you can hear a piece of music once, and ring dazzling changes on it forever and ever. They can’t duplicate our jazz. But everything else we make doesn’t worry them a bit.
....The road to wealth comes from understanding yourself. Doing what you do best, not what other people do best.
--John Taylor Gatto

Round 8

The Prizes

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1st Place13225300
2nd Place8150
3rd Place475

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Contest Rules

1. One Entry Per Person.

2. Inspired by the prompt and follows the random number order exactly with the correct amount of words in each sentence (explained below).

3. Prose or poetry, any form and genre of fiction is accepted.

4. It must be a story. Refer here for an explanation of what a story must contain in order for it to be considered a story.

5. Use the tag #31sentencecontest (this is how I keep track of your entries)

6. Contest closes at the end of this post's payout. Tuesday is the day this comes out.

7. In your entry, link back to this contest somewhere in your post.

8. Post a link to your tale in the comments below.

9. English is the only language I speak and that limits me big time. However, just about any language can be plugged into google translate. If the translation comes out clean enough for me and others to be able to read it, it is a valid entry. If you prefer to have your story in the best English translation possible, consider collaborating with someone.

The Prompt (explained)

The PROMPT: this is what your story is tied to in some way and in some fashion of your choosing within the fiction realm. You don't have to use the wording of the prompt in the story but your story must somehow relate to the prompt. Easy enough - we hope.

The Sentences: # 1-31(explained)

This idea comes from John Taylor Gatto. In this interview - PDF, he speaks about the inner jazz of writing coming to life simply by applying this method. I've been curious to see this in action. So ...

The SENTENCES: This objective here will have you writing out exactly 31 sentences, found below the prompt in a randomized order. The number of words for each and every sentence corresponds with the sentence number you are on.

For example, if 1 is the number that is up, you may only use one word that will complete the sentence (I know - technically, one word isn't a sentence but deal with it 8-). If 31 is the number, you construct a sentence that is 31 words in length, no more no less. The same goes for all numbers. (Here you'll find excellent examples from the last round -- TO BE UPDATED -- should you need to see a fuller example.)

Except for number 1, all sentences must be a complete sentence. You may construct your paragraphs however you see fit.

I, @tristancarax, am the judge. This contest will mostly be judged by how I feel about your piece and my interest in your piece because my editing skills are so far below par that earthworms stand above me. As I improve, so will the judging. Additionally, comments on contestant's posts will be taken into consideration when choosing a winner.

And there you have it. I'm excited to see what your minds create and imagine through this exercise.

The Prompt:


Picture is mine.

Sentence order:

14, 10, 4, 29, 16, 12, 21, 20, 24, 8, 3, 13, 9, 15, 6, 25, 22, 26, 2, 31, 17, 30, 18, 7, 28, 1, 27, 19, 5, 11, 23

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I can only read text, not load pictures. Pity you do not write down the prompt so.slow internet users can join too. 💕

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I had this problem for a while when on the Starbucks wifi.

Possibly there is something we can do. Can you view images on - ? If you can, I will make a point to upload pictures there. Hmm... It could be a good way to advertise this contest.

@tristancarax it took a bit longer but I could see the photos. ❤️

#Love your photo prompt: HELP ME, technocracy, agenda, United Nations, Socratic Logic, Robot Workshop... science fiction and AIs trapped in little metal boxes (computers) always come to mind, for me. If the Muse pays me a visit, I hope she comes with more math assistance... numbers! Eeep!!

And the drawings. You draw that well? Wow!

This was when I was more into conspiracies and the theories. Not so much at the current time. More into occult wisdom at the moment and playing games.

I hope this means you are cogitating on an entry to this contest!

Uh.... what's the deadline... me and my big mouth!
The counting!!

Tomorrow. I just started one. I have to give you a counting tip:

The first three lines of my story looked like this in my draft, which I am making in Word:

14, 10, 4, 29, 16, 12, 21, 20, 24, 8, 3, 13, 9, 15, 6, 25, 22, 26, 2, 31, 17, 30, 18, 7, 28, 1, 27, 19, 5, 11, 23
14, 10, 4,

The womyn waded as silently as possible into the pond in their back field.

The night was very dark, and the water very warm.

No one could see.

This saves me a TON of time. And it feels akin to freewriting, but sort of slow motion freewriting. I hope you give it a shot.

I think that was how I started last time, but we're talking math here. Thanks for the pointers! This time, I made it work. I even used Word Count to verify it. The 31-sentence limit may be the hardest part of all! How to finish a story with a beginning, middle, and end in that small space....

deadline is sometime Tuesday. You can do it!

First blood. I forgot my duties for a minute. lol

The deadline

is posted... where? Am I too late? If so, so be it! --Never mind: I found it - no date spelled out - what, does someone else have a number phobia too? LOL
Contest closes at the end of this post's payout. Tuesday...
Here goes: oops, sorry!!

Hoorah! I can't wait to read it.

I thought of you when I brought out this weeks prompt. 8-)

I wondered if you had to be honest. This is a topic so near to my heart!

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