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Distributed Denial of Secrets

Distributed Denial of Secrets (“DDOS”) is a transparency collective, aimed at enabling the free transmission of data in the public interest. We aim to avoid any political, corporate or personal leanings, and to act as a simple beacon of available information. As a collective, we do not support any cause, idea or message beyond ensuring that information is available to those who need it most - the people.


On July 24th 2019, Barrett Brown "cheerfully" announced the release of a substantial leak of 85GB in connection with the British financial firm - Formations House. With its unassuming and generic sounding nomenclature the British Firm finds itself at the centre of new revelations which, once again, showcase how society's wealthiest individuals covertly conceal their assets. Reportedly, the leak contains some 15 years of internal communications along with the particular concealment methods of the London firm. According to Barrett Brown, besides exposing Formation House's dubious practices allowing their clients to avoid paying taxes, the leaks also demonstrate how the firm would "steal them altogether".

Barrett Brown's non-profit Pursuance Project has teamed up with prolific FOIA record-holder Emma Best and DDOS (Distributed Denial of Secrets). In the coming days, Brown and Best are planning on publishing the leak in coordination with journalists with Counterpunch.org, ProPublica, CNN, the Daily Beast, the Columbia Review of Journalism and Investigative Journal. However, it appears that the complete material and documentation will not be made available to the general public immediately. Instead, the material will be released and fleshed-out gradually. Furthermore, journalists and anti-corruption officials with access to the archive will be accepting search requests about particular individuals and entities securely relaying the results back to interested parties.

Over time, we’ll be expanding access to the entire cache on the part of both traditional outlets and experiment research collectives of the sort Emma Best and I have been overseeing in similar contexts for nearly a decade, along with many of our volunteers. To ensure the greatest yield and accommodate the widest possible access, we’ll also be allowing journalists and anti-corruption officials who may be precluded from engaging with such leaks directly to instead submit names and other keywords to be searched by our team, with any responsive documents to be securely relayed back to the inquirer.

This London Firm Helps the Wealthy Hide Assets or Steal Them - Luckily We Have 15 Years of Their Client Communications

Brown's #29leaks overview article in Counter Punch outlines the way in which DDOS came into possession of the archive in the first place will not be made public for now to ensure the safety and security of those involved.

Moreover, according to the Pursuance Project founder the underlining story that will emerge relates to the plunder of public funds, a trend that has been intensifying over the last several decades.

The most important stories that will gradually be yielded from these materials will concern the looting of public resources, which institutions across the West have continued to facilitate despite the incalculable damage that results to entire populations.

Up until the time of posting this article, no exposés had been published as of yet, but the leak surely has more than a few people anxious about what could potentially be revealed in the coming days.

Archive Breakdown

An approximate arrangement of the 85GB leak:

  • Mailboxes of specific employees of interest - 20GB

  • SQL table containing every email received by the firm - 50GB

  • Misc. docs, faxes, phone calls - 7 GB

  • Misc. databases - 8 GB

Formations House


Screen Shot 20190726 at 4.03.21 PM.png

As stated on their official website, the UK firm specializes in creating, purchasing or incorporating companies in a cheap and expedient manner.

  • Annual Accounting Packages
  • Company Formation (LTD - Limited Companies, LLPs - Limited Liability Partnerships, etc.)
  • Readymade Companies

    The Readymade varieties are companies that have been formed by Formations House at a previous date to secure the name from being incorporated by someone else.

Readymade companies offer a host of advantages, from unique and prestiege company names, significant incorporation dates and with a few of our companies VAT numbers.
All our Readymade companies are up to date with their Dormant Company Accounts and Confirmation Statement filing obligations.

Depending on the name, prices start at 100 pounds and range to upwards of 100,000 pounds. Readymade companies, aka 'shelf' companies, are essentially companies that are created for, and ready to sell to, people who cannot be bothered to do it themselves. As the Guardian explains,

Their advantage to the purchaser is that they give a reassuring impression of longevity to what is essentially a brand-new operation, since they have documents extending back years.

The Guardian

Screen Shot 20190726 at 4.11.40 PM.png

According to the website, Formations House has assisted in the formation of over 400,000 companies, partnerships and trusts since 2001.

#29 Harley Street, London

29 harley street.jpg

In 2016, The Guardian published a piece titled: "Offshore in Central London: The Curious Case of 29 Harley Street". Astoundingly, the article details how this one address, 29 Harley street which once belonged to a renown surgeon and philanthropist Ronald Raven, has been ground-zero for multiple international frauds.

The first fraud involved a company known as S&N (Sherwin and Noble) which was owned by a man named Sir Richard Benson who supposedly had bailed out the Queen of England. In a meeting with Benson in Las Vegas, property developers Mr. Florent and Mr. Abrecias were looking for an investor to help each of them finance their construction projects. Florent sought $55 million to buy land for a hotel in Florida while Abrecias wanted to secure $105 million to construct an aquarium-entertainment complex in Houston.

Sir Richard agreed to finance both projects if both men agreed to pay two deposits of $412,250 from Florent and two payments of $787,500 from Abrecias. The men were told if S&N decided not to go ahead of with the loans for the projects that the deposits would be refunded.

After making the deposits, the two real estate developers waited for their loans which never came. Anxious, the men hired private investigators to look into S&N and to their shock discovered that S&N was nothing more than a shell company, the financial statements of S&N were forgeries and Sir Richard had never helped the Queen out of foreclosure, wasn't ever knighted, in fact, he was an actor. S&N had no assets, they only had an address - #29 Harley Street, London.

An equally brazen fraud was also perpetrated from the same #29 Harley address, this time involving a Dutch shipping company representative losing 100 million Euros to two conmen operating out of Malta and London.

A Dutch shipping company named Allseas met the businessman Marek Rejniak to finalize an investment proposal. Allseas had €100m in cash, but it needed more if it was to build a vessel to dismantle oil rigs. The company was looking for ways to increase its capital. Rejniak claimed his team could double any investment in 30 days, and provide €1.2 billion within three years.

Rejniak was able to fool Allseas into believing that he had powerful connections to entities such as US Federal Reserve, high powered traders in London and even lofty connections at the Vatican.You can see where this is going. In the end, Allseas wired $100 million to Rejniak who then transferred the money to his so called "A1trader" in London, a man named Luis Nobre and as soon as the money reached London it began to disappear. The companies used by the two fraudsters to swindle Allseas were named: LARN Holdings and ERBON Wealth Management both of which were registered to the same London address - #29 Harley Street.


Screen Shot 20190726 at 3.31.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 20190726 at 3.32.27 PM.png

Flash in the Pan-ama

Only a few short years ago, the "Panama Papers" exposed how the rich and powerful avoid paying taxes by stashing their wealth in offshore tax havens through a maze of shell companies in countries such as Panama, the Bahamas, and the British Virgin Islands. More than 140 politicians, including heads of state, ministers and public officials, from 50 countries were among those connected to 21 tax havens revealed from the 11.5 million file leak. The stunning revelations about how the world's most privileged citizens go to great lengths to conceal their vast fortunes, and to ensure not a penny escapes their grasp, briefly generated quite a stir before disappearing from the headlines completely. Perhaps the bruised and battered minds of the bewildered masses couldn't process yet another scandal involving the corrupted ruling elite laid bare once more before them. Or perhaps the contents of the "Panama Papers" were just underwhelming and completely expected by the global citizenry who have become increasingly aware that the playing field is not tilted in their favour.

Screen Shot 20190726 at 3.45.42 PM.png

Find Out More

For more on the Formations House leaks follow the hashtag:


Barrett Brown


Emma Best


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I had no idea about this story! We can only imagine how much worse it really is, than what has been revealed so far. The rabbit hole is so deep, that it seems like it's never ending. The good news is, that the journalists involved in this have an impeccable record in dealing with these sorts of revelations and documentation! Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing the substance of the leaks and considering both BB and Best's careers - this could be a massive story. Funny enough, I went to check Best's Twitter page to see if anything had come out and I was surprised to see that she had blocked me, no idea why. I've never had a single interaction with her and I'm actual a fan of her work.

Wow blocked? That's pretty weird... I don't know how twitter works, but is there a feature for friends only access? I'm pretty ignorant on that type of social media.

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Yeah, I'm not a big Twitter user, beyond reading, but it's entirely possible that it could be some default setting and not a block directed at me personally.

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Do you think that at some point we will awaken enough to actually digging into all of this bullshit and holding people accountable? What people tend to forget is that the governments work for us, and the corporations cannot exist unless we consume from them.

Time for the replacements to take both their positions.

Yes, I do see that happening. There's so much anger and frustration simmering just below the surface throughout the world. At some point people will take action and take to the streets, however it's crucial that people know where to direct their anger. The propaganda that we're fed daily keeps us focused on the wrong issues and fighting each other. While we rage about what this right-wing or left-wing politician is saying or point the finger at scapegoated immigrants and manufactured crisis (plural) the special interests and ruling class syphon off more resources that belong to all of us and the political puppets slowly (incrementally) erode our basic civil and human rights.

At least I hope to god people do wake up as we sleepwalk towards self-destruction.

I think the next financial crash (imminent) is going to be a decider. BTC was created on the back of the last, this time normies might start waking up.

Politics is an entertainment arena designed to keep the masses focused away from where the real action happens - little nondescript buildings in the suburbs.

I wholeheartedly agree, the 2008 financial crisis never ended. They wrecked the world economy with their wall street casino gambling, they cried to us for help or the sky would fall, people lost homes, they took hundreds of billions in public funds, they took the money and went back to play with it at the casino, nothing changed. I laugh when people talk about how the stock market is at an all time high, implying that the economy is obviously is booming, but look around. Wall Street is enjoying record profits but main street is slowly dying. People prefer to live in a delusion than face reality. That's why everything is such a spectacle now - Sports / Politics / Celebrity / Scandal - purely bread and circuses. Some believe the American empire is already in rapid decline but people are so transfixed with our lovely distractions that we cannot see clearly what is going on around us.
BTC was indeed created in the wake of that fiasco. It is a beacon of hope as we prepare for the rude awakening of the imminent collapse.

Great job (Both by you and Barrett Brown). I've known for years about the Caribbean tax havens, Turks & Caicos, the Caymans and the other British protectorates- there's basically nothing else there except for very expensive resorts.

Thanks Rich Q but I think all credit goes to those working on the leaks I'm just trying to draw a little attention to it. Interestingly though, I saw a tweet by BB inviting requests to allow early access to the archive for anyone interested ;)

I got kicked off Twitter, but would love a link to BB's archive. As always you've done a great job!

Nothing doing yet. Will try to let you know if I see anything drop though;)
If you're not using Twitter you could check out this website from time to time.

Thanks! I had a link to the Persistence Project but I can't find it... I must have deleted it by mistake when I was clearing out bookmarks. I donated $100 to help Barrett get the project off the ground.

Keep working, stop paying.

Lol, exactly what our overlords want ;)

Lol, except the part where they have to produce, or be bums.
When the workers learn what has been done to them to finance the JE's and HW's of the world, they are gonna be mad.

Some how I doubt that anarcho-communism is what our overlords want.
They have put too much effort into discrediting the ideas.

Ahaha, I read that wrong - I thought you meant - TBTB want us to work without paying the workers - as slaves!

Lol, they have that now.
We get paid in worthless script and all corporations belong to themz!

Think how easy it will be when we can convince the workers that as long as they continue to do the work they can order anything from the web to be delivered when supply meets demand.
Instead of producing to meet insatiable demand for profits and dumping products to keep prices high, we make just enough to meet demand.
The world only needs so many shoes, ferraris, and rolls of wrapping paper each year.
These are knowable and manageable numbers.

Thanks for the poolside reading. Brown is one of my favorite outlaws.

Yeah, I'm really interested in how his Pursuance Project and DDOS will progress. Barrett's been through a lot and he holds nothing back, you gotta respect someone who's been locked up and persecuted by the authorities and when he gets out gets right back to business. It's admirable and we need more people willing to walk the line like BB.

Exactly. The vanguards are important. They don't stop and it's sometimes difficult to remember to continue to support them and follow. Much like how I never know that Seymour Hersh put out something new, since I'm busy with my own stuff

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Thanks for the poolside
Reading. Brown is one of my
Favorite outlaws.

                 - chieppa1

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

An immense story that I will be eager to follow as it unfolds. I am very grateful you have brought this to my attention.


@v4vapid, In my opinion the whole world 🗺 now became the DATA HOUSE. And in my opinion Technogical world bringing up the leaking aspects the most.

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