Thank you for your support this year, everyone! Happy New Year 2020!

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Hello everyone!

I want to thank everyone for this great year here on Steem, it's been a big journey not just for me, but for many people here on Steem, despite the fact that we're in this bearish situation. I'm looking forward to see what the next decade will bring for me and you guys here on Steem and wish you all the best to be happy and successful in the upcoming year 2020.

To start things off into the new decade, write a comment down below what you want to reach in this year or even in the next 10 years and you will get 1 SP powered up for doing so.

That's all I have to share with you guys, have a great new years eve.


Thumbnail firework by @fgs

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I'm looking forward to launching my BRAAIB SMT (or at the very least SCOT) as the official loyalty programme for my Bistros ... I'm crazy psyched for the potential effect it will have for STEEM users in my province.

Looks like some good stuff you're planning with SMTs in this year. I see how this could really have a great impact, good luck! 👍💪 transaction

frohes neues jahr

Danke. Ich wünsche dir auch einen guten Start in das neue Jahr! =) transaction

This year I plan to build my credit and grow my brand as a speaker. I love empowering people and I'm ready to start getting paid for it. I plan to use this platform as another way to communicate with my followers.

Hey there, @alllight! I wish you good luck with your plans for the upcoming year. :)

Since you're the first, I sent you 50 SP. Have a great year. 👍 transaction

Thanks. Happy New Year to you.
I want to increase my SP by 10 times this year 2020.
And after 10 years, i want to make a fixed reasonable income through steem and be a trainer and motivational speaker of steem.

I hope you can get your goals done! 👍😎 transaction

euch allen frohes neues jahr (ich weiß das heute der 2te ist brauche steem xD)

Alles klar! =) Dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr. 👍 transaction

I just want to reach the end of the new year 😂

Joke's aside, i truly do, with the love of my family and a little bit of prosperity. And for you too, happy new year.

Thank you. I wish you good success with your goals. 🎊👍 transaction

Boba Everyday !BOBA

Thank you, @tomoyan! =) transaction



coffeea Lucky you @tomoyan here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Hey @tomoyan, here is a little bit of BEER from @immanuel94 for you. Enjoy it!

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This is going a little too much into New Year Resolution territory. I want to believe that we shouldn't wait around for a 01/01 every year to get something, we have been thinking about, done. It's too easy to blame a previous year for being too harsh or mean to us and we hope that a new one will be better. How long does this usually last? A week? Two? Maybe a month?

I am however as unique as everyone else and do think to myself that maybe, just maybe, 2020 will be my year and I will achieve something. I have a vision and I hope to get there, but I also try not to plan on building castles I have no resources on finishing within a year. What am I hoping from 2020? I am hoping to grow, grow in person, grow in STEEM and grow in stability. It's as simple as that, but much harder to achieve - achievements on the other hand should be constant and small enough to motivate us for far greater and bigger ones.

Having visions for the future is always a good thing to have. Being positive about the future and this year with resources that you have is great. I hope you can achieve your goals for this year. 👍😎 transaction

Ich wünsche euch ebenfalls einen guten Rutsch und alles Gute für das neue Jahr 2020.
Mein Ziel wird es sein nächstes Jahr mehr Steempower und damit mehr Reichweite zu erhalten.
Je nach privater Situation plane ich ebenfalls ein paar neue Projekte mit vielen Posts hier auf Steem. Ich hoffe nur, dass ich endlich die Zeit dafür finden werde.

Ja, das mit der Zeit ist immer ein Problem. Viel Glück wünsche ich dir mit den neuen Projekten, die du planst. 💪 transaction

I hope to be a dolphin at the very end of this year.

Good luck with getting a dolphin. 😎 transaction

Happy New Year 2020, immanuel94. I also wish you a happy and successful year :D This is a wonderful firework of @fgs. Haha, there is certainly no fine dust.

Thank you. Yes, @fgs did a great firework this time at the build contest. 👍 transaction

Thank you, immanuel94 😁

This year I grew my account a lot. I hope to keep growing it this next year. I am also going to give 3speak a try. With a new account. I am happy to be here and hope to see the place grow.

Happy New Year to all

Good luck with your new account. 👍 transaction

I also with you a happy new year!
My main Goal is to find the correct Setting for my new Wheel of fortune daily raffle and bring the community a new chance to earn some steem.

Good luck with your new wheel of fortune, @solerohot2018! 😎 💰 transaction

Ich wünsche allen viel Gesundheut, Freude und natürlich Spielspaß.
Für mich habe ich mir vorgenommen mein Projekt endlich zu releasen.

2020 wird allemal erfolgreicher als 2019.

Habe ja schon was von deinem Projekt gehört, viel Glück und Erfolg wünsche ich dir dabei. 👍🥳 transaction

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